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A few selected projects

January 22, 2013

Hi everyone

As the site is nearing completion, I thought to pimp a few projects that I’m somehow the most proud of…

The first is certainly the PL509 vacuum tube half bridge amplifier, because it’s probably the weirdest outburst of creativity I ever had, that somehow turned out working just like I expected! I utilized my previous experience with wireless power in order to try and use vacuum tubes in a fashion that would be more expected for power semiconductors, switching efficiently at high speed with square drive signal. Wireless power was an easy way to provide power to the tube heaters and grid bias voltages for tubes floating at several kV potential difference! In future I would like to scale up this design to drive a truly gigantic Quasi-CW Tesla coil, and explore to what length can one actually grow sword streamers.

The finished product

PL509 half bridge nonlinear amplifier with wirelessly powered heaters

The second would be Big Bad the SSTC, because of awesomely beautiful plasma display it produces, which is difficult to capture on photos or video. I’ve put a lot of work into this coil to get it right, and is still awaiting some upgrades, most importantly a digital microcontroller-based control board.

Big Bad's first spark

Big Bad’s first spark

Finally, I like the Wireless power demonstrator circuit because it became unexpectedly popular among other electronics enthusiasts. It seems like a great way to motivate kids to start doing hands-on electronics – perhaps I should really start making some kits and selling them – but would really need more time and some buddies to help me with it!


Wireless power demonstrator in operation




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One Comment
  1. Amna G permalink

    Hi Marko, Great Blog and great projects. I came across your blog whilst looking for power electronics individuals. Are you still in USA?

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