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Transcranial magnetic stimulator

Project description

While I’ve been fascinated about idea of exposing my brain to strong pulsed magnetic fields, I didn’t feel like actually trying the experiment out until I saw these videos:

After a while I came to understand that the experiment doesn’t pose a great danger as long as care is taken to insulate myself properly from the high voltage. I used two RIFA 330uF 420V capacitors for energy storage, and an 8 turns coil made from audio cable with extra HV insulation, switched by the same bank of parallel thyristor modules I later used for the railgun:

Closeup to the switch

Closeup to the switch

I hoped to produce some phosphenes by stimulating the visual cortex, but had no luck at all. I only managed to achieve peripheral nerve stimulation (which is still quite interesting – a wireless electric shock!). Later I found something extremely interesting – the wire I used for my coil was fake wire made of strands of copper electroplated iron! I had it lying around for years without a slight clue something like that could possibly exist.

I planned on upgrading the project with more capacitance, but I’ve ran in trouble with customs when trying to import a larger amount of electrolytic capacitors, hence the project is for now on hold.




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