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Tesla Coils

Much of my original fascination with electricity originated from tesla coils. At quite a young age I saw a television documentary featuring experiments with high voltage arcs in air. I was immediately mesmerized, resulting in much of my early electronics experimentation being concentrated on high voltage  devices. Not a long time after that, I found out about Tesla coils, among other groundbreaking work of Nikola Tesla. And of course, I had to put those devices to test myself! My first steps were quite tough ones, as internet was still in infancy in my country and information about Tesla coils was very scarce, resulting in lots of design errors and poor performance. Nevertheless, it was a great educational experience and my work got better over time. After replicating the original Tesla’s invention, the Spark gap Tesla coil (short SGTC) I expanded my research into their modern counterparts, which use silicon transistors as their power elements instead of spark gaps. These are called solid state Tesla coils (SSTC).

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