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Project description

My very first Tesla coil ever built. While it may be sort of a laughing stock today, I thought it may be a good lesson for other beginners to save them from repeating the same errors. The project started as an enthusiastic endeavor back while I was in primary school, for a science project competition. Despite it produced only a little voltage gain, it won me a first place! And it lit fluorescent tubes!

This coil has been sitting around for years, and over time, entropy took it’s course on it. Parts were taken from it over time, and at some point it’s secondary got cut in half, in order to make two smaller secondaries, the primary cable was used for all sorts of other purposes, and the toroid ended up on SGTC1. The high voltage transformer, which was later determined to be faulty, was taken out and hammered apart to salvage it’s core and primary wire.

Currently I’m trying to find more materials and pictures about this coil, showing it in a less sad shape than today: this page is pending to be further updated, or removed in case I can’t find any more information. So far I’ve only found a single picture of it residing in a wardrobe:

My first spark gap Tesla coil, while it was still mostly intact

My first spark gap Tesla coil, while it was still mostly intact

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