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High freqency plasma tweeter

Project description

This project is still in design stage. It is in large part based on a circuit from this site: The circuit is a small base-fed Tesla coil with a vacuum tube amplifier that uses antenna feedback from the coil in order to self-oscillate. Tesla coils operating at frequencies 5Mhz + tend to produce quiet and stable plasma flames which are very suitable for audio-modulation – this is usually achieved by modulating the screen voltage of the tetrode tube.

Some differences between my design and that from the site: I use 3 6146 tubes instead of one, and also intend to use a PL504 tube to modulate the screen supply, instead of a mosfet.

I intend to put this project into a nice case, and due to lots of handiwork required the progress is generally slow. So far, I’ve tested the 3-tube coil without audiomodulation, operating at about 8Mhz if I recall correctly. A demonstration is shown in the following video:

Links and references

[1] 4hv thread

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